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Dr. Eeg's Blog

Heartworm Infection and your pets.

You may have noticed that I am talking about Heartworm infection and “your pets”, dogs and cats.  You may not be aware that your cats are at risk of heartworm infection just as your dogs are in this area of …

Understanding Hot Spots

Hot Spots- those raw, oozing sores that will appear in different areas of your pet’s skin (dogs are most likely to have these skin lesions, but cats can get them) during the warm and hot summer months (can be found …

Canine Influenza

Canine influenza is a highly contagious respiratory disease in dogs caused by A H3N8 influenza virus (this is not a human influenza virus). The virus is a mutation of the equine (horse) influenza virus. Humans cannot contract either of these viruses. Since influenza viruses have a potential to mutate (change) its infectious potential the CDC is monitoring the H3N8 virus.

Summertime Hot Temperatures

Dogs and cats are our friends. We want them to share our lives and they make us happy. So it is natural to want to share the experiences of exploring the world with them along for the ride. But in these high summer heat days it is critical to remember that leaving your pet inside a locked car, even with the windows down can be deadly to them.